Albuquerque and Beyond...

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While the excitement and knowledge is fresh, let's capture a few thoughts from our time away.  Answer as many questions as you'd like. We'll take your answers and create a series of blogs that help share our experience with our community.

Thank you for everything!


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What three words would you use to sum up your personal experience at the conference?
We do it all the time - expect to reach the moon and never get above the trees or we expect little and get so much. How did this conference measure up to your expectations and what was it that made that true?
We heard a lot of amazing things at this conference. What were the biggest "A-ha's" for you? Did anything specific transform your thinking about an issue or our work?
One of the best things about a conference like this is that there is a lot to "steal". What communities are doing the coolest things that you hope we can replicate someday? These can be "big" things like structures or programs or it can be "small" things like the way they talk about some part of the work or the way someone designed their literature.
There were close to 2k people from big and small communities across the nation at this conference. Some have been doing this work for ages and others are fairly new to it all. How do you feel about our place in this work? Is there anything in particular you are proud of our efforts for?
What do you wish people knew about what is happening here in our community? Do you have a "Call to Action" for those who work in the schools and nonprofits, the parents and general community?
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