Becca's Story

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When her school counselor suggested she attend an after-school club called Girls In Charge, “Becca” wasn’t exactly thrilled. Becca is quiet and doesn’t like big groups, but she went anyway and by the end of the 8 weeks admitted to having fun.  

Her teacher at Enka Middle School is amazed. “I can’t believe how much more confident Becca is since she’s been in this group. She’s raising her hand in class and less afraid of making mistakes.” Becca’s overall attitude, confidence and grades are improving — which is the whole point of this self-esteem building program that members of United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council help run.

Best moment? When the group ended, Becca stood up and told the volunteers, “I know you are busy ladies and you could be anywhere, but you chose to be with us. Thank you.”

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