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Exit, Stage Left

by Ann Von Brock

Everywhere you turn in the working world, you find people talking about balance of work and personal life. It’s an elusive concept for most of us – it certainly has been for me. My perspectives over the years seem to fall into three phases.


I Wish My Teacher Knew

Have you seen the story that went viral this week about the teacher in Denver that asked her third grade students to finish the sentence “I wish my teacher knew…”? 

The stories the students shared give us a glimpse into the sweet and heartbreaking realities that children bring with them into the classroom every day. Here are a few - I wish my teacher knew:

“… that I want to go to college.”

“…I haven’t seen my real mom is over two years and that makes me sad.”


What Can I Do?

We heard about, and wanted to share, this piece by Wayne Drummond, AIG Specialist at Black Mountain Elementary & Owen Middle. He shared this at the start of the school year, but the point is timeless.


Worldwide Views on Opportunities for Youth

[Ann is on vacation this week.  Of course she wrote this well before she headed out - we are posting it on her behalf.]


A few months ago I wrote "Lessons From Local Youth" - letting you know about a project we were working on called Community Conversations which we held with 5 different groups in Buncombe County. In it I shared what young people said about opportunities, education, and the community they live in.