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Highlands Circle Spotlight: Faith Doyle


Faith Doyle is a new member of Highlands Circle and is an Asheville native, graduate of UNCA (Biochem), MBA from WCU, and currently works at Oppenheimer as a financial advisor.

Why are you involved with United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County? Giving back to the community that raised me and helping the kids, becoming a mother adds a new level of empathy toward kids.

What makes you smile? My daughter (Aurora "Rory"), my husband (Jeff) and the view around here, it never gets old


Highlands Circle Spotlight: Lindsay Stalowy

Lindsay Stalowy is an HR Professional in the Asheville office of Dixon Hughes Goodman. She's been involved with United Way's Highlands Circle since 2014.
Why are you involved with United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County? I firmly believe that the only way to make a positive change in the world is through service in my local community.

Creative Ways to Raise Money For Our Work!

The team at the City of Asheville is no joke - they are bound and determined to raise more money than they ever have before and here's one of the best workplace ideas we've seen in a while. Who wouldn't want to bring their dog to work? The drawing is in January and we'll be sure to share the photos with you then.



Exit, Stage Left

by Ann Von Brock

Everywhere you turn in the working world, you find people talking about balance of work and personal life. It’s an elusive concept for most of us – it certainly has been for me. My perspectives over the years seem to fall into three phases.


I Wish My Teacher Knew

Have you seen the story that went viral this week about the teacher in Denver that asked her third grade students to finish the sentence “I wish my teacher knew…”? 

The stories the students shared give us a glimpse into the sweet and heartbreaking realities that children bring with them into the classroom every day. Here are a few - I wish my teacher knew:

“… that I want to go to college.”

“…I haven’t seen my real mom is over two years and that makes me sad.”


What Can I Do?

We heard about, and wanted to share, this piece by Wayne Drummond, AIG Specialist at Black Mountain Elementary & Owen Middle. He shared this at the start of the school year, but the point is timeless.