2-1-1 Connections: When Disaster Hits

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by Neela McDade
2-1-1 Referral Specialist

Winter weather may have left you wondering who to call if WNC experiences blizzard conditions like the Northeast. What if ice and winter weather affect your electricity and you have no way to heat your house? Are there any places you can go to warm up?

NC 2-1-1 can help get the answers to those questions and more. We have relationships with the agencies and organizations that assist in times of disasters including law enforcement, emergency shelters and emergency response teams. These resources inform us of disaster resources as they become available.

If you have weather related questions or do not know where to turn during disasters, call 2-1-1. We get you answers so 9-1-1 and disaster responders can keep their lines free for emergencies.

Tip: When viewing the list of programs on the NC 2-1-1 database, use "Refine your results" to find services nearest you.

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