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WLC Spotlight: Renee Walker

Renee was born and raised in the Asheville area and has always lived in Buncombe County, spending nearly 30 years in Swannanoa. She now lives in Leicester with her husband, Steve. She has a son, two stepdaughters and five grandchildren who all live in the area. She has worked at Padgett & Freeman Architects for 15 years and prior to that, Renee was with Beacon Manufacturing for 11 years.


Meet Tamaria Kelly, Middle School Success Project Coordinator

Tamaria Kelly is the new Middle School Success Project Coordinator. Tamaria served as an educator for a year at The NativityMiguel Middle School of Buffalo under the AmeriCorps Builds Lives through Education (ABLE) program. She also was an intern for United Way of Buffalo and Erie County’s Community Ambassador Program (CAP) and an active member of Citigroup’s United Way committee in Buffalo, NY.


Highlands Circle Spotlight: Samantha Little

Samantha LittleSamantha Little is a Personnel Technician at Buncombe County Health and Human Services. She also serves on the Chair of Highlands Circle's Executive Committee. Highlands Circle is a group of young professionals making an impact in Asheville and Buncombe County. We get to know her in this month's HC Spotlight.


NC 2-1-1 Connections: Housing

Perhaps you think the over 6,000+ calls NC 2-1-1 received this year for housing expense assistance all received the same list of resources. Actually, every caller we speak to receives referrals customized to their needs and experiences. Housing, like most basic needs in WNC, can be complicated so NC 2-1-1 referral specialists are rigorously trained so we can simplify the process for accessing basic needs for our callers.


Top Blog Posts of 2014

It's been quite a year! As the end of 2014 gets ever closer, we'd like to take a look at the blog posts you visited the most this year. From celebrating milestones to personal insights to issues that affect middle school students, the topics listed show there are many ways to go about making Asheville and Buncombe County an even greater community for everyone who lives here. You can even re-experience staff members dumping buckets of cold water on themselves. (Remember when that was the biggest thing on the internet?)