Green Job Corps First Class Graduates Ready for Work

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Education & Assistance Corporation (EAC) and United Way of Long Island, in cooperation with the Suffolk County Department of Social Services (DSS), graduated their first of three classes of students who participated in the Green Jobs Corps. on March 26.

The program was established in December after the state awarded a $600,000 grant to Suffolk County.

The Green Job Corps. provides education and training to DSS recipients seeking employment in fields of energy-related home improvement and energy conservation, including weatherization, energy efficiency and environmental conservation. The 6-week training consists of a curriculum based on building science and weatherization, Green and standard construction and industry-specific training on machinery and equipment. Participants learn the technical science and application of weatherization and energy conservation techniques and receive a safety training certificate, Green Advantage Certification, Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate training, case management and most important, employment opportunities. Upon completion of training, participants are eligible to complete actual weatherization field work at designated home sites. Training was provided at the Empire State Carpenters, Local 7 Training Center in Hauppauge. 

“We are very proud of these nine young men who completed the training. They have gained skills in an up and coming field and confidence in themselves,” stated Lance W. Elder, President & CEO, EAC.

“By partnering with United Way of Long Island and EAC, we can offer our DSS clients a state of the art level of training in a growing field of employment, and a real chance at a new and productive life,” said Gregory Blass, Commissioner of the Suffolk County Department of Social Services.

“In an emerging green industry, the most valuable tool for a green-collar workforce is education.  By using industry specific trainings and the latest techniques in building science, weatherization, renewables, and energy-efficiency, participants are now greater prepared for a career in a high-growth industry, leading to a more promising future,” said Rick Wertheim, Senior Vice President, Housing and Green Initiatives, United Way of Long Island.

About EAC

EAC is a leading non-for-profit human service agency that administers 70 programs throughout the Metropolitan area, and assisted more than 72,000 people last year. The mission is to respond to human needs with programs and services that protect children, promote healthy families and communities, help seniors, and empower individuals to take control of their lives.

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