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by David Presley

Over the years, Hands On Asheville-Buncombe has seen some amazing volunteers come through our doors. Hands On is the volunteer center of United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County. Clare Cook and Samantha Little are just two volunteers who have given back to the community in extraordinary ways.

Clare Cook

Clare Cook Cookie NightClare Cook found Hands On through a past employer when her office volunteered on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. She found the Hands On projects fun and different from other volunteer efforts. She became so involved, she now leads her own service project through the volunteer center and sits on the Hands On Advisory Committee.

We asked Clare what she thought about Hands On after all this time, and she said, “Hands On is amazing. Charlie and Michelle are wonderful; they make volunteering, recruiting volunteers and leading volunteer projects so easy.” That’s what Hands On is here for, making the volunteer process easy. No matter your schedule, commitment or ability, we have a project for you.

Samantha Little

Samantha Little Asheville United WaySamantha stumbled upon Hands On during her junior year of college when she was browsing the internet for volunteer activities. She started by using Hands On to connect to outside agencies, and then wanted to do more. “I did some one time volunteer projects that were flexible with my school schedule. I then decided I wanted to be a Flex Project leader so that I could do something at least once a month and feel like I was making more of an impact.”

Samantha has done just that. She is the current chair of United Way’s Highlands Circle and is a United Way board member. We asked her why she continued to volunteer through Hands On.

“I continue to volunteer with Hands On because I always meet the best people, meet new people and make friends. Hands On always has a variety of projects that fit into my work schedule. I also love how the Hands On website makes it so convenient to find projects that fit into my busy schedule and how organized and user friendly their website is. Also, the added bonus of feeling good about myself because of the impact I am making in the local community.”

Hands On has a project for everyone, no matter the hectic schedule.

Samantha also added, “Since my time volunteering at Hands On, I have made at least 10 new lifelong friends and made an impact on countless number of people.” Not only has volunteering changed her life for the better, she has improved lives through her generosity.


If you are interested in Hands On or you just want to learn more, visit our website. Hands On has more than 260 volunteer opportunities listed on its website every month. They have projects for everyone, from full day events to portable projects you can complete in your own time. There are project for groups and individuals. Hands On is making the volunteering process as easy can be.

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