Inspiring Hope for a Better Tomorrow

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by Kris Dionne
Resource Development Manager

I have some exciting news for members of Highlands Circle and the rest of the community. In March, United Way's group of young leaders announced a collaboration with Homeward Bound's Pathways to Permanent Housing. As part of the project, members collected household essentials—everything from furniture and cookware to shower curtains and detergent.

We collected all of the necessary items (which was pretty much EVERYTHING) much faster than originally thought. I am so proud of Highlands Circle!

This weekend, we will help a family move from homelessness into permanent housing. We will move a family of five into an apartment. It is a single mom and four kids between the ages of seven and seventeen. They have been living in a shelter and have very few items. Highlands Circle members don't want the relationship to end with this milestone so many have offered toys and clothes. I will know sizes and any specific needs soon and will send that information. 

Thank you so much to those of you who have donated and initiated drives within your workplaces. Please join me in welcoming this family to their new HOME!

Special thanks is also extended to Union Transfer & Storage North Carolina. They generously let us use a Go Mini's portable storage container to collect and store items for the past several months.


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