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  As we reach our 100th Homework Diner, here in March of 2018,  just two years since we first put feet on the ground in local middle schools in this capacity, one reaction we continue to get is, “I didn’t know these were open to all families living in each school district. I thought they were only for the students and families in the schools they're held in.” In fact, during the past year, students from more than 40 schools in Buncombe County... Read More
UNC Asheville Alumni, Math Teacher, Homework Diner Mentor... When we first began the Homework Diner program just a year and a half ago in Erwin, Enka and Asheville Middle Schools, we knew that it would uplift students and families by providing a safe space to gather, learn and connect. We couldn’t have imagined just how many amazing community members we would meet along the way--entrepreneurs able to take an hour from their morning to visit a... Read More
“If you just place the shirt upside down on the smart folder and fold both the sleeve sides, then up the middle, you’ll have a perfect fold. We need a small loan of $12 for the duct tape and we’re going to sell these for about $6-$7. We thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you,” a seventh grade student at Asheville Middle School shared, dressed sharply in a blue button down and tie alongside his classmate/business partner... Read More
Update: Mr. Ken was featured as "Person of the Week" by WLOS   United Way Staff Blog About Mr. Ken   One of the greatest things about working for and with United Way is the amazing individuals you meet along the way. As we’ve said before, United Way is first and foremost a people-powered organization. The drive, passion, perseverance and dedication to creating real change in our communities finds its initial source in individual people. It’s... Read More
At this time of year, resolutions are everywhere. Setting goals is important, but the true key to success is to also create a plan. Just like you, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County is committed to success. We are just a few days away from January 1. Which means our organization is wrapping up a 3-year strategic plan and will begin implementing our 2018-2020 plan next week. As we move into the new year, we thought we should share a few... Read More
This time of year we humans are compelled to look back and assess what was important and determine how we want to move forward. Looking at our top 3 News stories here are the ones that rose to the top, and some updates since we first published:   3. Breaking News: Early Warning and Response System March 2017 - Announcement regarding the official launch of our new Early Warning and Response System. Included in this news item is a short video... Read More
It's the end of the year so obviously we are required by law to conduct SOME kind of "Best of 2017" list. So we thought we'd share the most popular blogs from the past year, just in case you missed them. And if you'd like to help ensure that work like this continues, you can do so right now by making a one time gift or setting up a recurring donation right here.   Number 5: Early Warning and Response System April, 2017 - This blog is a good one... Read More
  As we enter this holiday season, and the final days of 2017, we hope you are well.       Lately, we’ve been thinking about the fact that we all have just this one life. Whether we burst into it full of advantages, or must navigate obstacles that just won’t stop coming, we all have at least one thing in common – we have the power to choose how we treat each other.     Because of your support, our staff members are able to work every day with... Read More
A few months ago I was talking with someone about Highlands Circle and she asked me, “So what is Highlands Circle? What’s in it for someone to join?”  I’ll be honest: I didn’t have an answer.  Which is interesting, because I usually don’t find myself at a loss for words. As the Chair of the Highlands Circle Steering Committee I resolved to answer that question, not just because I didn’t want to find myself in the same position again in the... Read More
You read that blog title right. Since January of 2014, Monika, our team mate and friend, handled more than 20,000 INCOMING phone calls in her role as an information and referral specialist for NC 2-1-1. When we specify "incoming" that means that these are just the calls that came into our call center, what it doesn't include are the thousands and thousands of calls that she made on behalf of those people in our community. Monika is leaving us... Read More