Erwin Middle School

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Our Team at Erwin Middle School

Linnea B. 
Erwin Middle Community School Resource Coordinator
828-232-4264 (Erwin Office)

Sonia Kay
Erwin Middle Community School Resource Coordinator - MSW Intern 
(828) 255-0696


2016 is our second year working at Erwin Middle School. United Way has worked in partnership with Erwin Middle School and YMCA’s 21st Century program to create a community support network for the students and families in the Erwin community. The resource coordinator and support staff are based at Erwin Middle in order to foster and organize strong relationships with both partner agencies and individual volunteers. They work closely with school leadership and staff to ensure that resources are leveraged and volunteers are recruited to meet the unique needs of the school, the students and their families, as well as the surrounding communities. As a result of this partnership, students at Erwin Middle now have access to additional supports, which include individual and small-group tutoring and mentoring, as well as a variety of out-of-school options including student clubs. We also coordinate classes and events for parents and community members at the school.

Strong Families

Erwin Middle Community School's strength lies in our partnership with school staff and the flow of resources from the community to the school and back into the community. Most of our family and community opportunities fall into one of the categories listed below.

  • We are starting Homework Diners at Erwin Middle in February 2017. They will run every Monday from 2/6/2017 through 5/8/2017 except 4/10/2017. Homework Diners are a weekly family engagement events where families receive a free meal and homework support from teachers and volunteers. Great opportunity to form long-term relationships with students and their families and have a positive impact on their lives. Learn more about Homework Diners and sign up here.
  • Parent Workshops  Topics include How to Help Your Child with Homework, Financial Literacy and more!

Engaged Communities

Visit to learn about a range of volunteer opportunities that you can get involved in at Erwin Middle!