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We envision a safe community where everyone has the knowledge, resources, access and opportunities to be healthy.

Not all people, homes and communities are safe. Many people do not have quality support for preventive health and wellness. Many people do not have quality primary and behavioral health care. These are challenges United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County is addressing with its 2015-2016 investment of $801,932 in community partners who achieve results like these:

People and the community increase their power to prevent violence and abuse. - $143,765

  • Participants increase knowledge of the signs and progression of violence and/or abuse
  • Participants have the knowledge and skills to increase safety
  • Participants improve ability to reconcile conflicts/crisis without violence
  • Participants access services when they see or experience violence or abuse

People experiencing trauma from violence or abuse increase their likelihood of recovery. - $212,400

  • Participants develop and implement a personalized safety plan
  • Participants increase coping skills
  • Participants improve their ability to function after trauma
  • Participants increase their sense of safety

 People have increased awareness of and opportunities for wellness, prevention and early detection. - $41,424

  • Participants increase knowledge and skills to be healthier
  • Participants increase understanding of their health condition(s) and risks
  • Participants increase knowledge about and use of community resources
  • Participants have increased access to wellness, prevention and early detection opportunities

Children, families and those at risk of poor health increase their physical activity and healthy eating. - $42,334

  • Participants increase their physical activity
  • Participants improve their eating habits
  • Participants’ core health indicators improve

Seniors and people with disabilities have the support they need to remain independent and in good health. - $150,930

  • Participants increase knowledge of and access to resources
  • Participants increase their ability to live independently
  • Caregivers increase skills to support senior(s) or person(s) with disabilities
  • Caregivers reduce their stress

People increase their use of effective primary, behavioral and dental health care regardless of ability to pay. - $211,079

  • Participants improve their behavioral health functioning
  • Participants improve their dental health
  • Participants maintain or improve their physical health
  • Participants improve their self-management of chronic health conditions

Volunteers with a tremendous knowledge in the areas of Education, Income and Health oversee a competitive grant process in which the most effective community partners whose results best align with the changes our community needs will receive United Way investments.

Health Focus Area Volunteers

  • Marian Arledge - Buncombe County Health & Human Services
  • Melissa Baker - MAHEC
  • Kathi Balsinger - Community Care of WNC
  • Deborah Calhoun - MAHEC
  • Jackie Dula - Crescent Health Solutions
  • Nelle Gregory - Buncombe County Health & Human Services
  • Amy Johnson - Mission Health
  • Linda Kendall-Fields - Linda Kendall Consulting
  • Lee Kube - Community Volunteer
  • Jennifer Nehlsen - Guardian Ad Litem
  • Rebecca Reeve - NC Center for Health & Wellness, UNC Asheville
  • Delise Talley - Wells Fargo
  • Rachel Zink - Arts for Life