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We envision a thriving community working together, fulfilling basic needs and building economic self-sufficiency for all.

Some of the reasons we haven't met this vision are that many people cannot meet their basic needs, many people do not have living wage job or are not financially stable, and many people live in substandard or unaffordable housing. To overcome these barriers, for 2015-2016, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County invested $717,941 from the Community Fund in community partners who achieve results like these:

People in crisis or with ongoing needs have increased access to and use of public and private services that provide basic needs assistance. - $224,132

  • Participants learn how to access services
  • Participants have their immediate basic needs met
  • Participants with ongoing needs obtain and/or maintain benefits

People increase their vocational, language and literacy skills. - $83,239

  • Participants increase their ability to read and/or write
  • Participants increase their English-language proficiency
  • Participants increase their technology/vocational skills
  • Participants increase their educational level
  • Participants increase their job-seeking skills
  • Participants secure and maintain employment for an established time period
  • Participants with criminal records have increased job opportunities

More workers earn a living wage. - $15,046

  • Employers increase the number of living wage jobs
  • Participants secure a living wage job and maintain employment for an established time period

People increase their capacity to move out of financial crisis. - $80,800

  • Participants know how to reduce costs and develop a budget
  • Participants reduce debt and/or monthly expenses
  • Participants secure adequate income to meet basic needs

People increase skills to manage financial resources and build stability. - $50,729

  • Participants improve their financial literacy
  • Participants have a plan to manage their finances
  • Participants increase their net worth

Low-income households have increased options for affordable and safe housing. - $263,995

  • Participants are homeless for a shorter period of time
  • Participants improve their home’s safety
  • Participants obtain safe, affordable, stable housing
  • Participants maintain safe, affordable, stable housing

Volunteers with a tremendous knowledge in the areas of Education, Income and Health oversee a competitive grant process in which the most effective community partners whose results best align with the changes our community needs will receive United Way investments.

Income Focus Area Volunteers

  • Sandra Anderson - City of Asheville
  • Bill Chater - Benefit Design Group
  • Joan Cooper - Habitat for Humanity
  • Carey Gibson - Community Action Opportunities
  • Jane Hatley - Self-Help Credit Union
  • Kevin Hayes - Goodwill Industries of Northwest NC
  • Rebecca Loli - AB Tech
  • Bill Overton - Eaton Corporation
  • Lauren Pittman - Mission Health
  • Nikki Reid - City of Asheville
  • Trish Wallin - Buncombe County Health & Human Services