My Team Will Win the "Golden Hairbrush" Trophy

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You could walk away from Kickoff with a glorious trophy and massive bragging rights - if you participate in the Lip Sync Contest!

But first, you've got to read the rules, assemble your team, and be one of the first ten teams to submit your form before Sept 1 (5pm). This deadline is serious. We've already had teams scratching at our door, wanting to join in the fun so don't delay - this is a first come first served signup sheet.

Lip Sync Battle Rules

  • The competition is open to 10 teams. Completed forms must be submitted by September 1, before 5:00 pm.
  • Teams can range in size from 1 to 10 people. All team member names must be included on the registration form. Only individuals listed on the registration form can perform.
  • Teams may use props; these props must be included on the registration form to be approved by the UWABC Committee. Props not included on the registration form cannot be used in the performance. Fog machines, bubble machines, fire, water, and glitter are prohibited (this is a facility rule - you know United Way loves some bubbles, fog and glitter).
  • A link to the music must be submitted with registration form by September 1. Songs must be the clean version; no explicit versions will be accepted.
  • The maximum time limit is three minutes per performance. After three minutes, the music will fade out.

The competition will be judged in these categories:

  1. Actual Lip Syncing Abilities: How well the performer(s) lip-sync the lyrics of the song.
  2. Creativity: How original and creative can you make the performance? Don’t just act out what you've seen before, add your own flair.
  3. Stage Presence & Choreography: BRING IT! Engage the audience, dance, smile, and make eye contact with the judges…have fun!

Each category will be worth 10 points each. In case of a tie, the act with the highest lip sync score will win. The judges’ decisions are final.

Feel free to share a link with us if there is a particular version of the song you'd prefer we use.
Number each team member (1-10 max) and include the team captain's name.
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