Early Warning & Response System

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United Way's Middle School Success Initiative, Asheville City Schools, and Buncombe County Schools are working to improve collaborations that better serve our local students with the Early Warning and Response System. 

The Early Warning and Response System is a dashboard which helps educators quickly identify the students who are showing early signs of trouble; allowing better collaboration and interventions to prevent them from falling through the cracks. Years in the making, this dashboard will soon be at the center of local efforts to support students. 

Data Driven Interventions

The Early Warning and Response System pulls attendance, behavior and course grades data automatically and, using a red, yellow and green flagging system, shows educators exactly where a student stands. This type of analysis of student data is not new to educators. School administrators have manually gathered this same kind of data for years, but the process was highly labor intensive (manual spreadsheets from multiple systems). What is exciting to our educators is that student performance data will now be available at the click of a button, and in real time.

“Research has shown that when a middle school student is off track in even one of those three indicators (attendance, behavior, and course grades) they are substantially less likely to graduate from high school,” said Zachary Goldman, Community Investment Manager at United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County.

Having this real-time data is crucial and will allow the whole team - school, family and community partners - to work together to getting the student back on track. This project has been three years in the making. 

"We are excited for the increased ability for educators and community partner organizations to be able to work together to meet the needs of our students," said Goldman. "It is remarkable evidence of the commitment of the Asheville and Buncombe County community that two school systems (Asheville City and Buncombe County) are working together with each other, with a large number of nonprofits in the community, and with United Way to develop a shared data dashboard as part of a wider Early Warning and Response System designed to ensure that all students are connected to the resources and supports they need to thrive in school." 

Last month, representatives from our schools, community partners, United Way, and our dashboard vender, Learning Circle, all gathered together to unveil and learn the Early Warning and Response System. For the remainder of the school year, a small group will test the system to make sure it is working correctly and the goal is to roll the dashboard out to more schools in the 2017-18 school year.

“This project has been years in the making, so we are excited that all the partners gathered at United Way to take this first step across the starting line,” said Goldman.

Impressions from school and community partners:

“Having a dashboard where we can share data with our community partners and our administrative team and our teachers helps us work more efficiently and be much more effective in the way we serve families and students,” April Dockery, Asheville Middle School Principal.

“We’re really excited because we are going to have great information about behavior, attendance and course grades and we’ll be able to work really closely with the school systems. We will be able to identify which students needs extra support and identify which students are struggling that we need to get involved with,” said Jayme Davis, Assistant Director of Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  

To hear about the Early Warning and Response System in greater detail, check out the BREAKING NEWS video below, which was originally shown at Celebration in March of 2017. 

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