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What makes a superhero? Find out here!
When Mike heard about our new Homework Diners he thought this was the perfect opportunity to resurrect his past love of teaching. Every week during the spring, Mike visited the Enka Middle Homework Diners and helped students with all kinds of homework, but especially math. When we spoke to some of the parents attending the Diners, we kept hearing how Mike had helped transform their child's approach to school and their grades. We salute people like Mike, who take time out of their busy lives to help others succeed. 
This group of moms know what it's like to have a student entering a new school and they understand how important it is to feel welcomed and supported. That's why they are reaching out to other families at Erwin Middle - to help them navigate a new community whether they moved here from across town, a few states away or halfway around the world. We salute heroes like Olga, Lilya, Annamarie, Marilyn and Jessica for making our community a stronger place for all. 
Whether they are building beautiful and affordable apartment complexes, sweet single family homes, or rehabing homes throughout Buncombe County to make them safer for our neighbors, Scott and Cindy make magical things happen through Mountain Housing Opportunities. These two people are a part of a bigger team of people who understand the word "HOME" and they work hard to make sure that everyone in our community has one!
Swati and Himanshu believe in the power of education and that's why they champion our school supply drive every year. This isn't a one time venture for this family. They've helped raised materials and funds and pack the backpacks for more than 5 years. They've surely earned these capes!

There are lots of ways you can help too. Donate or Volunteer today. Join us - your cape awaits!