Owen Middle School

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Our Team

Josh Wells

Owen Middle School Resource Coordinator

(828) 989-4020









The 2017-18 school year is the first year that United Way has a Resource Coordinator at Owen Middle. We will be working to continue to develop strong partnerships with the community to support students and families. Owen Middle has important and strong partnerships already with Bounty & SoulWarren Wilson CollegeYMCA of WNC, and Hand in Hand of the Swannanoa Valley, among others. We recently started Homework Diners at Owen Middle, and those will continue every Monday night at 5:30 PM in the Owen Middle School cafeteria. All families with a student in PK-12th grade in the Owen district are welcome! 

Engaged Communities

Visit http://www.handsonasheville.org/agency/detail/OwenMiddle/ to learn about a range of volunteer opportunities that you can get involved in at Owen Middle!