Middle School Success

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How did we land on Middle School Success as our focused initiative? Starting in February of 2010, a task force of community leaders met to review issues facing our community in the areas of Education, Income and Health. 

Because successful completion of high school is a determinant of well-being in all three areas of Education, Income and Health, and because Middle School years are pivotal to high school graduation, the task force recommended that the work of the United Way Focused Initiative:

Increase the number of students who are successful in public middle school.

Our Expectations...
By establishing a community priority to increase the number of successful middle school students, we intend to address challenges facing them. Improving the quality of, and access to, interesting and engaging out-of-school time programs for middle school students we expect to see students:

  • Improve overall school performance in academics and engagement in middle school.
  • Successfully transition from 5th to 6th grades and from 8th to 9th grades.
  • Significantly increase the high school graduation rate.


More developments to come in the coming months...


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