Agonizing Decisions

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A few days ago I stood in line behind a woman attempting to get her medications.  There were a lot. I couldn't help overhear her conversation with the pharmacist - a difficult one where he attempted to help her decide which ones were the true priority for her immediate life safety and which she could hold off on for a few weeks until she could find the money.  It was excruciating to watch as she told her young daughter to sit to the side while she conferred with the pharmacist.  

I didn't know if it would help in her specific situation, but I did approach her and share that there is a discount prescription drug card available free of charge to anyone in Buncombe County and told her how to get one - perhaps it could help. The look of fear in her eyes was overwhelming and I haven't stopped thinking about her since.


Here is some information about the card:

United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County has partnered with Buncombe County and the Coast2Coast Rx Card to provide a free discount card to area residents. The card is free to all residents and their families. There never will be a charge for the card. Simply present the card at a participating pharmacy and you'll save up to 65% on your prescription costs.

Who should get the card?
Anyone interested in saving money. The average savings in 2010 for cardholders is about 45%; savings can be minimal on one drug and another may have savings of 65% or more. While those without insurance will greatly benefit, so will those with high deductables or limited drug coverage. The card also covers most pet prescriptions and all chain pharmacies and most independents honor the card too.

Cards are available at:


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