"You Need the Middle" Campaign Ends, But The Work Continues

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Lynn Pegg receives an iPad2 from Jim Neu, owner of CityMac. Lynn won it during the "You Need the Middle" e-card campaign this fall.  Thanks to Jim and CityMac for this most generous donation!


You may have noticed seeing "You Need the Middle" in a lot of places over the last 8 weeks.  We shared messages with our community about the importance of the middle school years and the role we each can play in helping to ensure kids get through those years successfully. 

While the media campaign comes to a close, our efforts to improve opportunities for middle school youth continues by:

  • organizing trainings for youth development professionals, volunteers and parents/caregivers to develop new skills and strategies to engage youth 
  • providing access to quality assessment and enhancement opportunities for "out of school" service providers  
  • ensuring that WNC has a voice on a statewide level around youth development issues  

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