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We envision an engaged community where each child develops and succeeds academically, socially and emotionally.

Unfortunately, many children are not prepared to enter kindergarten. Many children do not move successfully from kindergarten through high school graduation. The diverse educational needs of children and youth are not met. So, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County has invested $688,127 for 2015-2016 in community partners who achieve results like these:

Children from birth to kindergarten attend high-quality, affordable early care and education programs. - $196,178

  • Children have maintained or increased access
  • Children progress through developmental stages
  • Children are ready for kindergarten

Parents and caregivers enhance their support of the development of children from birth to kindergarten. - $43,009

  • Parents and caregivers increase knowledge of age-appropriate child development
  • Parents and caregivers improve parenting skills
  • Parents and caregivers increase involvement in preschool and kindergarten activities

Youth strengthen the social and basic life skills they need for success. - $195,702

  • Youth increase self-confidence/self-esteem
  • Youth improve their ability to interact appropriately with others
  • Youth improve motivation to succeed

Parents, caregivers and the community increase their support of the academic success of all children. - $54,177

  • Parents and caregivers increase involvement in a child’s academic activities
  • More community members serve as mentors, tutors or advocates

Children performing below grade level increase their basic academic skills. - $159,475

  • Children improve school attendance
  • Children improve grades
  • Children are promoted to the next grade/graduate

Students with disabilities or special needs have diverse educational options. - $39,587

  • Children with disabilities or special needs reach appropriate developmental milestones
  • Atypical learners have increased learning opportunities

Volunteers with a tremendous knowledge in the areas of Education, Income and Health oversee a competitive grant process in which the most effective community partners whose results best align with the changes our community needs will receive United Way investments.

Education Focus Area Volunteers

  • Stacey Bailey - Smart Start
  • Vicki Biggers - Buncombe County Schools
  • Kim Brown - UNC Asheville
  • Jeanette Christian - Buncombe County Schools
  • Pam Cocke - Retired, Asheville City Schools
  • Jesse Figuera - Buncombe County Library
  • Genevieve Fortuna - Community Volunteer
  • Joy Fuchs - Fostering Connections
  • Diana Manee - YES (Youth Empowered Solutions)
  • Marty Mann - Retired, Buncombe County Schools
  • Robyn Pass - Buncombe County Association of Educators
  • Jan Webster - WRESA
  • Alida Woods - Asheville City Schools (Retired)