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Meet our great new co-workers!  They all started within a week or so of each other this past month so we thought you'd enjoy a quick introduction.  


What experience do you bring with you?

Why United Way?

What are you looking forward to?

Fun Fact

Michelle Bennett

Hands On

My experience is rooted in volunteerism and community building. Most recently I've worked at a Hands On affiliate in Winston-Salem, developing volunteer projects with faith, community and neighborhood groups and facilitating partnerships with business, government and the nonprofits.

United Way's strategy of Give, Advocate and Volunteer really caught my attention and the fact that Hands On Asheville-Buncombe was part of the larger organizational strategy impressed me. Meeting our  volunteers, helping connect new ones, finding new ways to partner with area agencies, and meeting everyone that serves during Day of Caring! I live in Asheville with my husband and our two dogs….I love to try new restaurants (it’s my new hobby) and I DO NOT have a green thumb.

Karen Billings

Administrative Associate
I spent 12 years working for Lowe’s, and while there, I developed a diverse set of skills. During my last few years I spent my time in administration and customer service and I believe those skills will help me to be a great Administrative Associate. I was lacking fulfillment in my day to day life.  My husband works at a non-profit and I admired and wanted the same sense of accomplishment. That’s how I ended up at United Way... wanting to find a way to make that difference for someone else.
I’m excited about all the new things I’m learning.  And it's not just about my job, it is also about all the programs that are associated with United Way. I know that over the next few months and beyond there will be even more! I’ve had a whole new world opened to me and I’m just taking it all in. I just noticed that LISTEN and SILENT have the same letters... I also love to read and I might have an obsession with Dr. Who.

Richard Caro

Resource Development Manager
I worked for a smaller United Way in Maine so I've done it all!  I’ve also moved around a bit and as a result I’ve met a lot of people.  The world is a small place and a friendly greeting helps keeps it that way. I attended Celebration in November- I met great volunteers, business people and UW staff.  I saw how much fun the campaign team has and I said: that’s where I want to be. Training the Loaned Executives to spread the word and then working with them. I read the newspaper for MARRS (Mtn Area Radio Reading Service).  They record the stories and broadcast them for the reading impaired community.

Tina Maples

Resource Development Manager
I have a background in social services which helps me connect the services of our funded agencies with the ‘bigger-picture’ of the community investment fund. I was a Loaned Executive last year and loved talking with people about why their donations matter.  So many give - and I want them to know how many lives are helped through their gifts!  I'm excited about working with Highlands Circle, an affinity group for donors ages 21-40.  We've got a new image for 2012 and I can't wait for our April 30th kickoff! Don’t ask me for directions!  My ability to differentiate Left and Right has never been perfected.  Thank goodness for my GPS!


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