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Did you know that nationally 1,200,000, or 1 in 3, teens drop out of high school every year?

Hands On Asheville-Buncombe’s Teacher’s Pet project gives volunteers an easy way to help increase the basic academic skills of local students giving them an even better chance of moving successfully from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Teacher's Pet volunteers create educational materials, such as flash cards and games, for use in and out of elementary school classrooms. Volunteers can sign up to attend a project or they can download the materials they need and host their own “Portable Project”. 

  • Deborah thought this was a great way to engage her elderly mother in something fun and helpful.  Deborah makes the copies, and Sarah cuts out flash cards. They have a ball together, creating packets of materials and talking about the project’s impact on the children.
  • The managment staff from Starbucks and EATON have both used the volunteer project as a great way to build team spirit and give back to their community at the same time.  

Teacher's Pet is a perfect example of the power of volunteers impacting a greater community issue.  Another great example of collective action... our donors who give to the Community Investment Fund. United Way invests those dollars in programs that impact the building blocks of a good life for everyone: Education, Income and Health.

Last year, in the area of Education, United Way invested more than $700,000 to make sure children’s diverse educational needs are met, that they are ready to enter kindergarten and they move successfully from kindergarten through high school graduation.

As a result of that investment in community partners providing high quality early care, mentors and tutors, conflict resolution, leadership and life skills training, homework assistance and after school support and assistance addressing developmental delays and language-related difficulties, we expect to see 2,398 children succeed academically, socially and emotionally.

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