United Way Volunteers: Stepping Up To the Challenge

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Chris Young, our 2011 Campaign Chair, noted that a challenge during the 2011-12 campaign that a majority of our focus was on companies and individuals with which we have a long history and not as much on cultivation of new business relationships. 

Chris felt that it was time to create a new position on our campaign cabinet, one devoted solely to cultivation of new relationships.

The best part of this idea? Not only did Chris suggest it, he stepped up to chair the effort AND he recruited a top-notch team to implement the plan. Now that's leadership!

We are excited that seven former Campaign Chairs and several current board members signed on for the challenge including: K. Ray Bailey (2002), Bob Bolak, Tracy Buchanan (2008), Suzanne DeFerie (2010), Charles Frederick, Neal Hanks (2007), Richard Hurley (2006, 1984), John Kimberly (2012) and Jimbo Stickney (1999)


Thanks everyone! We can't wait to help you succeed!

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