Ideas for Summertime

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Every year kids head off for summer break, and every year parents worry about how to keep the kids engaged, out of their hair and out of trouble.

Unfortunately many teachers know that they have a battle to wage when the kids emerge from summer break, it is called summer learning loss or summer brain drain - and it's the reality that key skills learned just months earlier have slipped away during break. 

For those parents and caregivers, looking for ideas on engaging their kids this summer, Gina Gallo,  Youth Success Manager at United Way, has assembled a pretty hearty group of resources for you to use.

Summer Fun and Learning Resources for Parents and Kids

And no list would be complete without Volunteer Opportunities for youth and families which have been listed on the Hands On Asheville-Buncombe Web site. Volunteering with your kids is a great opportunity to foster kindness and compassion and also expose your child to new experiences and even career ideas!

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