2011-2012 Community Investment Results Announced

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The data is in: our 2011-2012 investments in Education, Income and Health yielded a return on investment of 120%! We measure a return on investment not in dollars, but in lives changed for the better. From our investment of $2.7 million, we had expected to see 59,000 people improve their lives in measurable ways in the areas of Education, Income and Health. When the results came in, more than 71,000 people had improved their lives.


Applicants for funding estimate the client results they expect to produce during the upcoming year. At the end of the grant cycle, those programs report on the actual results they achieved and captured using approved measurement tools. We don't compare results from one year to the next. Rather, we look for an annual return on our investment that shows our strategy within each of the three focus areas to be effective. That said, once again this year, the number of results exceeded those expected.


We recognize and celebrate the efforts of our funded community partners in Education, Income and Health, many of which continue to do more with less resources in a challenging economy. We are also proud of the work of our 2-1-1, Hands On Asheville-Buncombe and Middle School Success initiatives, which also receiving funding from the Community Investment Fund and do great work connecting people to health and human services resources, volunteer opportunities and high-quality out-of-school activities for students.

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