Award Winners from the 2012 Live United Celebration and Annual Meeting

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First, before we list the awards, we have a few shout outs:

  • Terminix Southeast - They ran a great campaign and increased their combined corporate and employee giving by 45% over 2011.  
  • Let's hear it for Enka Middle School!  Our local schools and especially our local Middle Schools are United Way partners of the highest caliber.  Their Principals and campaign coordinators, counselors, teachers and staff are our great allies.  We want to thank them again and give Enka Middle School and Principal Tom Keever a big “Go JETS!”
  • WNC Community Health Services is a leader in health outcomes, and they’re also leaders in fundraising.  Despite the economic climate of the past 5 years, their employee giving to United Way has increased every year.  In the past 3 campaigns, led by their tireless coordinator Scott Parker, giving has nearly doubled.  
  • Shout out to TD Bank for raising over $22,000 during our campaign - an increase of 214% over the year before and for participating in Day of Caring this year. This is TD Bank's first year in Asheville and we're glad to call them our friends! Here are just a few of the people to thank: Chip Morris - Commercial Banking Manager, Ross Sloan -Regional Vice President. And the following Branch Managers: Brad Brevard, Audrey Dillard, Nichole Dubs, Sammie Ellis, Mandy Forbes; Greta Gibson, Nick Iosue, Shannon McCotter, Chip Morris, Shalon Pierce, Catherine Quinn, Barbara Tester and April Truelove.


And The Awards Go To...

Our first award goes to the organization with the largest combined employee/corporate donation. This year that award goes to Mission Health. Mission Health raised more than $640K, which is $32K more than the previous year. We would like to thank the Mission Health campaign committee for all of the creativity, time and leadership it took to achieve this record breaking accomplishment.
The Spirit of the Mountains Award recognizes outstanding companies whose dedication to the community is evident from the president on down the ranks.  Eaton Corporation Avery Creek set up 13 rallies- the first being for managers/ supervisors, followed by 12 rallies for the employees.  Rallies were well coordinated affairs, starting and ending on time, focused on clear goal statements, kicked off by site leadership staff, peppered with United Way stories, and finished with a solid “ask”.  Coordinators Bill and Alan worked together like a “well-oiled machine” throughout the campaign and the campaign results were nothing short of outstanding!  86 new givers. 12 new Leadership givers.  A 72% campaign increase over 2011. This was a perfect campaign!  
  This year’s City of Asheville campaign had many great champions, the department directors and coordinators truly Live United.  Well our next award recipient will truly do anything for UW- even if it means wearing his rival team's colors if more money can be raised for our community.  This particular Department Director (who is a NC State alum) offered to wear Carolina Blue if 50 people participated in the Wear your Team Colors fundraiser!  He almost got off the hook- but a generous City donor put us over the mark and with a great spirit he wore the Tar on his Heels.  Then at the City’s staff picnic, he was one of 9 department directors who volunteered to brave the dunk tank to raise even more funds for United Way!  Caring for the community, setting great goals, inspiring others, and then doing anything to reach those goals- that’s what City of Asheville and Ken Putnam, Transportation Department Director, did this year. That, my friends, is Doing Anything for United Way.
Make your retirement vibrant, active and fulfilling. That is the declaration you will see when you visit Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community’s website and also what we believe they infused into their campaign this year to take it over the top. Having a very vibrant and active staff, Bob Wernet, CEO, Vicki  Davis and Shirley Burnette, Campaign Coordinators, knew that a talent show would be the ideal way to engage employees and residents, encourage more participation, and of course add a little fun. Man, were they right! Employee giving increased by 46%, on top of the $2700 raised by the talent show, which the company graciously matched dollar for dollar, for an amazing overall 62% campaign increase. Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community well deserves the Above and Beyond award.  
  When YMCA President & CEO, Paul Vest, signed their organization up to be a trailblazer for United Way’s campaign, he knew it would take someone with the right energy and passion to make it happen, and campaign coordinator Lindsey Sease delivered just that.  Lindsey’s message about how United Way and YMCA partner to improve lives in our community resonated among YMCA staff, and their annual campaign more than doubled. That’s why we are proud to present Lindsey Sease the I’ll raise my voice for United Way award.
Medical Action Industries was a surprise Trailblazer this year. By mid-summer, coordinators Brandon and Julie were ready to run the campaign and they did so with great success.  Employee giving was up 29% over 2011 and in addition to the phenomenal results, Medical Action made sure to include many opportunities to educate its employees on the benefits of United Way’s Community Investment Fund.   The energy that Brandon and Julie exhibited throughout the campaign was inspiring.  They always had smiles on their faces.  No wonder they were so successful and the recipient of the Above and Beyond award!  
  Sometimes the “anything” in the “I’ll do anything for United Way” award really does mean anything. Leave it to Eaton- Heywood Rd to come up with new ways of impressing us year after year. This year their Fun Day “Kiss a Pig” took the cake.  In order to raise some extra special events money, employees were asked to drop money in the jar associated with the manager they wanted to see kiss “Willimena”- a 6 week old piglet. Well, no one anticipated that Willimena would be a hefty 50 pounds by the time she graced management with her presence.  A total of 6 managers had the luxury of planting a big old kiss on the piglet’s snout- helping to raise more than $6,500 in special events money.  No piglets were harmed in the process- but some egos may have been a little bruised.
When you think of a Campaign Spirit as Big as the Mountains (and as tall as the BB&T Building) this Bank is at the pinnacle!  Raising their participation level by 15 percentage points this year they have hit the 50% mark.  With great participation comes great employee giving and this bank increased its pledges by more than $3,000!  Along with a generous corporate gift, its campaign total reaches up and over the $16,000 mark.  It couldn't have been done without a great team and we want to thank each one of them.  The Spirit of the Mountains award goes to BB&T Bank and the team of Lucinda Austin, Brad Blackburn, David Hayes, Susan Puryear, Anita Silver, and Wanda Sayer.  Thank you for Living United.  
  We've unofficially renamed this next Spirit of the Mountains award "Fire on the Mountains" in honor of the recipients. It's truly an honor to present this award to Chief Burnette and the Asheville Fire and Rescue Department.  Chief served as the Campaign Cabinet Chair for the entire public services division.  For his own department, for the entire City Campaign, and for United Way he inspired us to great things and to great success.  The Police department has for many years been top-dog for the city campaign- but not this year.  Asheville Fire Departments campaign brought in more than $13,000 and a 42% participation rate. He championed a joint effort between City and County Departments to kick-off the campaign with a Chili cook-off and a Wear Your Team Colors fundraiser (we heard about that already!).  All together the City campaign raised more than $66K!  Thank you Chief Burnette and Asheville Fire and Rescue!
Thermo Fisher Biltmore Park ran a model campaign for its first campaign this year. From the start, Thermo’s Vice President Commercial Operations Chris Champlin’s energy was out of this world. Thermo Fisher hosted a total of 8 rallies for its workforce organized by Campaign Coordinator Debra Young. Chris was on-hand at every single rally to talk about all the wonderful things United Way is doing, about Thermo’s Corporate United Way campaign, and how their facility could one day be on our Top 10 Leaderboard.  When Chris talks- you listen. You want to hear what he has to say because he makes everything sound SO EXCITING. Today we honor Chris and Thermo Fisher Biltmore Park with the I’ll Raise my Voice for United Way award for showing us how truly successful a first year campaign can be.  
  Going Above and Beyond is a perennial performance for this organization.  Commitment to mission, reaching the goal, and generously giving from the heart- that describes the entire team at Dixon Hughes Goodman!  From Mike Crawford chairing the De Tocqueville Society to Paige Littlejohn chairing Highlands Circle affinity group their dedicated team epitomizes the LIVE UNITED spirit- we thank them all.  Again this year their campaign went Above and Beyond!  Here is their trajectory:  $57,000 in 2010, $81,000 in 2011, and almost $96,000 this year!!  27 Leadership Donors generously gave more than $80,000 of their total.  And they have grown their participation from 47% two year ago to 68% this year. Need we say more? Above and Beyond: Dixon Hughes Goodman!
The legal division gave generously this year and raised more than $80,000!  Due to the nature of the legal division there has, for the last few years, been a competitive challenge between local firms to see which firm could best LIVE UNITED.  This Legal Division United Way Challenge Cup is the prize - and bragging rights also come with the cup.  As the results of the division would suggest there were many great campaigns at local firms, but one firm rose above the rest.  This firm ran as a Trailblazer campaign this year, had 93% participation, 8 Leadership Givers, and raised more than $14,000 for our local community.  By running early they set the bar high for the other firms and in the end everyone wins!  This year the Cup belongs to McGuire, Wood and Bissette - many thanks to their team and the leadership of Lou Bissette, Doug Tate, and Nancy Zink.  
  Who’ll raise his voice for United Way?  This next man we honor will raise his voice and he’ll do it with grace, humor and an insistent focus on the goal.  A champion of so many community organizations, and one of our campaign cabinet division chairs.  He chaired a traditionally generous (and sometimes challenging) division and set an ambitious goal.  That division, the Legal Division, came in at 106% of goal en route to $100,000 by 2014.  We thank our local firms for their generosity and we THANK Kerry Friedman for Raising his Voice for United Way!
The I’ll Get My Hands Dirty for United Way Award goes to MSD.  MSD has fully embraced the spirit of Living United, taking on those tough jobs during Day of Caring which require just a tad bit more skill and expertise than your average DIYer. This year employees of MSD helped to install a drainage pipe at the Irene Wortham Center. Heavy equipment, dirt, insects, and sweaty bodies – sounds like the perfect ingredients for a dirty job cocktail to us.    


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