Side by Side, Just like the City and County Buildings...

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Reading the incredible history of our Asheville City and Buncombe County buildings in the recent Mountain Xpress made us think about the stories and pictures that we share here at United Way. Okay, so there was a lot more drama and fueding in their story than ours but at its essence there were two buildings, standing side by side, representing two different styles and perspectives yet underneath it all they are united in a desire to see the community succeed.

On our materials you'll often see two people, standing side by side, just like those two buildings. People who, on the surface might not have anything obvious in common.  They might be different ages, genders, races or political affiliations but wearing their Live United t-shirt they represent how we can all join together for our community at United Way.


Check out the Mountain Xpress article and our incredible history here.

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