Tornado Relief

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We are all devestated seeing what has happened to our neighbors in the mid-west.  Many want to help. The following message come to us from United Way of Central Oklahoma, who advises that monetary donations are the best way to assist the recovery efforts at this time.



United Way of Central Oklahoma has activated its disaster relief fund effective Monday, May 20, 2013, so individuals may contribute online, via credit card by phone, and by mail, specifically to the May tornadoes relief and recovery efforts.  If you have trouble with donating online, there are two alternative ways to give.


1.    Give online to the May Tornadoes Relief Fund located on our home page at  If you are having trouble donating online, there are two other ways to give:


2.    Give by credit card  - call 405-523-3598


3.    Give by mailing a check to United Way of Central Oklahoma, P.O. Box 837, Oklahoma City, OK  73101 with notation for May Tornado Relief.


Fund dollars will be distributed without administrative fees to United Way Partner Agencies working on the tornado relief efforts.  Agencies must clearly prove services provided and demonstrate need for financial support.  Organizations that receive United Way disaster fund assistance will be evaluated and held strictly accountable. As our Partner Agencies work together to meet the immediate needs in the recovery efforts, the May Tornado Relief Fund will serve not only immediate needs, but intermediate, and long-term care for years to come.


At this time, PLEASE  make financial donations only, until when and if other types of donations are requested.   


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