A "Millenial" Perspective

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I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard someone say “young people are selfish.”  As a twenty-something, I’m often part of conversations where someone is critiquing or complaining about “young people,” “millenials,” or “the next generation,” but the fact is that my generation does care, and I know that because of Highland Circle.

My experience with Highlands Circle has shown me just how much young people want to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Perhaps the best example of this was October’s Conversation with Community Leaders hosted at Mission Hospital. At that event, Dr. Paulus, President and CEO of Mission Health, gave a presentation highlighting the unique situation Westerns North Carolina faces when caring for the health of all its residents. Twenty or so of my peers sat around the table, and every one of them was hanging on each word, chart, and video. Spending an evening learning about issues that matter is certainly not selfish. I’ve also been able to attend to number of networking events for Members of Highlands Circle where people simply get to know one another and learn about each other, and I’ve even seen members make a difference by volunteering through HandsOn Asheville to make a direct impact for our local nonprofits.

In all, I do not think my generation is selfish, and Highland Circle shows that. My time on the steering committee has taught me just how many of my peers in Asheville and the rest of Buncombe County want to make a better future for everyone, not just themselves. Whether it involves learning directly from someone who leads others, learning from one another, or giving of our time, the members of Highlands Circle are making a difference together.

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Thank you to Andy Gmitter for sharing his perspectives on being a part of Highlands Circle.  Andy is the Director of Training and Customer Success at Galaxy Digital

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