United Way Closed on Thursday, February 13 // 2-1-1 Open

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As you may have figured out already, we will be closed for the snow today (Thursday, February 13).  Our 2-1-1 remote referral specialists will, however, be on the job. Here is a lovely post that one of our specialists, Michael, shared on Facebook last night:

"The United Way office is closed tomorrow. That means that I will not be going in to work. 2-1-1, however, never closes, which means that there are people taking calls in the place of those of us who cannot make it to work. Often this responsibility falls to our sister call center in Durham, NC, but mostly it is our remote specialists, who work from home, who shoulder the load. Sometimes one remote worker will cover shifts that are usually staffed by 3 specialists. They may also have to attend to children, home from school, and continue running a home while they are taking these calls. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge our remote workers and thank them for their loyalty, hard work, and dedication to connecting people in our community to needed resources. Rachel Stokes, Linda Novessel, Keri Arrington... Thank you.'"

In case you didn't know, our 2-1-1 team ROCKS!

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