Lessons Learned By United Way Fathers

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There are studies about the importance of parents' impact on the well-being of their children. Cognitive ability, educational achievement, psychological well-being and social behavior are all affected during kids' formative years. But what impact do children have on their parents? This Father's Day, a few of the fathers at United Way reflected on what they've gotten out of fatherhood.

"I’ve earned and received numerous awards in my life. None of them hold a candle to the reward of being a Father. It’s not something that’s automatic because you’re a man. So I truly honor and welcome the privilege that has been given to me." – Kevin Montgomery, Resource Development Director
"It’s hard to remember life before Zoe… Movie nights now involve Doc McStuffins and Tinkerbell. My cool song playlist now includes “Let it Go!” and “What Does the Fox Say?” And forget about sleeping-in on Saturday. Being a good Dad means being patient and present and attentive – even when you want to completely zone-out after a long day of work. But the challenges of fatherhood are overwhelmed by the joys. I have rediscovered my love of fairy tales, and Old Maid, and funny face pancakes. I had forgotten how much I love watching the birds outside our window. Snow days and holidays are SO much better now. Being a Dad has made my life so much richer." – Charlie Lee, Hands On Asheville-Buncombe Volunteer Programs Manager
"Megan’s interests taught me about hydrothermal vents and led all of the family to lie on our backs in the middle of the yard studying the different constellations; and to a spring break trip to see the Kennedy Space Center and the launch of a shuttle. Things I never imagined I’d do. And Erin, who on weekly basis brought home artwork and school creations that were never matched by her father. Once in awhile my wife and I discussed the challenges of parenthood and how smart kids are these days, pondering what our daughters would be one day. But today we don’t have to ponder what they would do, because we know who they are – two smart, educated, graduated young women with loads of common sense – who have travelled to more places than Sherie and I may ever see; met and made friends with folks of all colors and creeds; and are kind and loving and passionate in the things they do." – David Bailey, President/CEO

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