Tocqueville Community Service Award

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In 1973, United Way of America began honoring an individual or family who had demonstrated extraordinary commitment, leadership and service and made a broad impact on their community and/or the nation. Previous winners of the national award include Ambassador Walter Annenberg, Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, Senator and Mrs. John Glenn, and Bob Hope.

Our United Way began the tradition in 2002, with Buddy and Marilyn Patton and Barbara Blomberg being honored as the first winners of our Tocqueville Society Community Service Award.

Ann and Mike Young

Ann and Mike are loving and guiding parents, committed volunteers, generous philanthropists, and thoughtful leasers who believe in a just and fair world... and they've done this all while each also serving as a top notch attorney and physician.

When asked to lead, serve, review and advise United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County and all other organizations where they lend their time, Ann and Mike are engaged servant leaders working toward improving the organization and strengthening the community.

Words cannot do justice to their gifts to us for the 35 years they have called Asheville home; we are blessed they have chosen to give, advocate and volunteer for our community. More importantly they are just good people.

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Past honorees in Buncombe County:

  • Keith and Barbra Love
  • George & Barbara Groome
  • Buddy & Marilyn Patton and Barbara Blomberg
  • Janice and Joe Brumit
  • Jerry Sternberg
  • Pam and Jim Turner
  • Heather and Bill Lee
  • Charlie and Eleanor Owen
  • John and Diane Teeter
  • Charlie and Cary Owen
  • Jimbo and Robin Stickney
  • Joel & Marla Adams and Dot Hamill

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