Spotlight: The Van Winkle Law Firm

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We'd like to shout out to our friends at The Van Winkle Law Firm who took on the challenge of running as a "Trailblazer" during campaign. Thanks to the hard work of their planning team, employee participation increased from 64% to 70%  with 14 new donors and 21 people increasing their gifts over last year.  How'd they do it? Well here are a few highlights:

  • Nothing screams community building like a fierce Crock Pot Cook-off. Amy Madill won the challenge hands down with her “Party Potatoes”
  • Thanks to a lovely Haunted LaZoom tour, members of the Van Winkle team had a great incentive for giving (beyond the satisfaction of strengthening their community of course).
  • That hard working planning team we mentioned? Allan Tarleton, attorney, chaired the Legal Division and Heather Goldstein (attorney), Katie Craig and Sandi Holder and Amy Madill rounded out the team. And attorney, Liz Franks is on the Highlands Circle steering committee and Heather Goldstein also sits on United Way's Peaks Development Committee.

Check out some team member testimonials:

Phil Smith


Heather Whitaker Goldstein


Ann Jowers

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