Enka Middle Takes Over Dixon Hughes Goodman!

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Shawna is a 7th grader at Enka Middle. She and her teacher, Holly Hobbs, headed on over to Dixon Hughes Goodman this morning to share what donations to United Way mean to their school. Think about it. Right now, would you have the guts to stand in front of a group of strangers to read a piece of fiction you wrote? Now imagine you are in middle school and you've been asked to do that. Would you have the guts? That's what Shawna did this morning and all accounts say she hit it out of the park! Shawna read an original piece of fan fiction that she had composed in the creative writing club United Way supports. After she shared her work, Holly Hobbs, her teacher, shared stories about the impact the clubs are having on students at Enka Middle.

Dixon Hughes Goodman kicked off their giving campaign today and bringing Shawna and Holly in to speak is one of a number of ways they'll spread the word about our work. We love the enthusiasm and commitment to community that our friends at Dixon Hughes Goodman bring to everything they do. We can't tell you the number of DHG staff have served on committees, volunteered at events and give generously, year after year. Our community is fortunate to have such a great partner.

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Pictured: David Wiggins (Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP and United Way Campaign Chair), Shawna Phillips (seventh grade student and creative writer) and Holly Hobbs (Enka Middle School teacher)

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