Why Middle School?

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Some call the middle school years the “Bermuda Triangle” of life. Educators say it is the "last best time" to ensure that kids are solidly prepared to successfully navigate high school and make it to graduation.

  • Major life changes; social, emotional and physical all converge during these key years.
  • Many students decide to continue with, or drop out of, school during middle school.
  • In most communities, ours included, services and support for students tend to drop off just as a student reaches middle school; leaving kids without structure and support they need to succeed at a time when they are most vulnerable.

If Only We Could Reach Kids Before They Slip Through the Cracks

We can! Research tells us that if a student hits one or more of the following indicators during their middle school years, their likelihood of graduation without intervention can drop to 25 percent:

  • Attendance - missing 18 days (10 percent)
  • Behavior - two or more behavioral referrals
  • Course performance - failing a core subject such as English or math

The key to changing this is outcome intervention, but to be fair to our kids, we can't just focus on supporting them. We have to work with families and their neighboring community if they are to have a full chance at success.

Learn how we can spot and respond to these warning signs.

Middle School Moment / PBS Click on the picture to the left to watch "Middle School Moment" - a 13 minute video from PBS' Frontline that explores the research and the results of changing how communities work with middle school students and their families.

Then learn what our community is doing right now.





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