Tax and EITC Volunteers Needed

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Volunteers are the backbone of a national movement to provide free tax filing and access to Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for low-income working Americans. Through EITC, families making below $40,000 annually can receive up to $5,028 when they file their tax returns. EITC may increase a family's income as much 40% and bring millions of federal dollars to under sourced communities.

Volunteers play a major role in every step of the process. Prior to the filing season, volunteers are reaching out to potential beneficiaries informing them about the services and opportunities available. At the tax sites, volunteers handle intake and screening, help with tax preparation, provide translation and help with child care. In addition, volunteers can expose families to other valuable programs and services such as financial literacy courses, credit counseling, savings accounts, individual development accounts (IDAs) and more. These programs and services can open the doors to financial independence and a better future.

EITC is a vitally important program both for individual low-income families and for the communities where they reside. Volunteers are the engine behind this program, promoting it, providing services and building upon its successes to provide a better future for working families.

Contact the United Way near you to learn how you can help.

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