I feel a responsibility to invest in my community

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Highlands Circle member Cortney Mospan was recently featured in a pharmacist.com in an article “Giving back to enrich my community and live my why.” 

"Throughout my life, I have been very blessed to have family, friends, and community members who have invested in my personal and professional development to help me become the person I am today. For me, there are a few moments that are snapshots of times when others bestowed immense generosity toward me through challenging moments of my life or have spent countless hours helping me find my professional passion. Those moments have become a crucial part of how I live my why.”

Click here to read about the ways Cortney gives back to her community.

“Do you have a workplace, faith community or neighborhood blog that you could share your “Live United” story with as Courtney did? If you do share your story, and it is published, send us a link so we can spread the word!” 


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