A Day In the Life: Resource Coordinators

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In the fall, we placed our first full-time Resource Coordinator at Enka Middle School. This coordinator soon found an opportunity to serve kids who weren’t able to attend after school programming because of a lack of transportation. Many of these students arrive, by bus, 45 minutes before school starts and for the most part, wait in the cafeteria until classes begin. Working with school and community partners we recruited volunteers to serve as “Breakfast and Lunch Buddies”; providing valuable one on one time for students who are struggling.

John was one of these volunteers. He says that he ran out of excuses when we offered a volunteer opportunity that fit in his work schedule:
“I value education and I believe in volunteerism but with the way my work schedule is, I couldn’t attend after-school tutoring programs. With Breakfast Buddies, I’m able to come to Enka Middle School before I head to work and I know it matters.”


In 2016 resource coordinators will be placed at Enka, Erwin and Asheville Middle Schools.

Among the key responsibilities of these coordinators:

  • helping teachers use a new tool - a dashboard that will help spot when kids are losing ground in attendance, behavior or course studies, so that we can pair them with the mentors and tutors they need to succeed
  • and also develop and organize the community partnerships that will support the students, their families and community.

Also, in the 2016-17 school year - we will roll out “Homework Diners”. If you’d like to learn more about this powerful strategy -  check out a story from NBC’s Nightly News.


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