Hands On We Care! Experience at Montreat College

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We Care! Experience at Montreat College 

On Saturday, Hands On Asheville Buncombe, the volunteer center of United Way hosted a We Care! Experience at Montreat College where 150 incoming freshman built over 800 snack bags for Buncombe County students. The bags were filled with cereal bars, fruit snacks, juice and other goodies.

We Care! Experiences aim to connect the dots between volunteer activities and the community need behind each package created. For each project, we invite a guest speaker from the local benefiting nonprofit organization to share their story and talk to the team about the impact these packages have on the individuals and families they serve each day. Students at Montreat heard from Heather Deifell from YMCA’s 21st Century program to learn about how the snack bags support their program working with middle school youth and volunteers decorated the bags with encouraging messages for students to come back to school with a warm welcome.

We look forward to many more collaborations throughout the community!


About the We Care! Experience:

 Hands On manages all aspects of the experience, including:
  • Facilitating all logistics before, during and after the event
  • Communicating with your company team leader and the benefitting nonprofit
  • Purchasing the needed supplies
  • Managing the onsite volunteer experience
  • Delivering the completed packages afterwards
  • Project evaluations and summary project achievements
  • Pre- and post-event photos shared with all partners
  • Project achievements highlighted on our website and social media outlets 

“WE CARE!” packages include:
  • Snack Packs- Beverage and snack items given to students who need additional nutritional assistance.
  • Activity Kits- Activity books, stickers, coloring supplies given to children of families going through crisis.
  • Domestic Violence Shelter Kit (Parent)- Personal care and other items given to parents living at shelters.
  • Domestic Violence Shelter Kit (Child)- Personal care and other activity items given to children living at shelters.
  • New Mother Kit- Diapers, baby care items and educational materials given to new mothers impacted by poverty.
  • Personal Care Kits- Personal care items given to students and families who are currently homeless.
  • Welcome Home Box- Basic home supplies given to recently homeless individuals/families who are now in housing. 

To learn more, and get your company involved, visit www.handsonasheville.org.


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