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Thanks for coming by! You've read about our work at Enka Middle and below are just a few other recent highlights we thought folks would like to learn more about:


This one is BIG! It is one thing to apply for a grant or honor. It is an entirely different thing to be sought out and recognized for your work. That's what has happened with GradNation. America’s Promise Alliance launched the GradNation Community Summit Series in 2013. Their goal is to host 100 summits across the country through 2016 and United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County has been chosen to host one of these 100 summits.

At the heart of these summits will be the Five Promises, the wraparound services that dramatically increase a young person’s chance of success: caring adults, safe places, an effective education, a healthy start and opportunities to help others. There is more news to come, but we are so proud of this honor and what these resources will do to further our efforts to improve local graduation rates and our work with Middle School youth.


Listen to some of our supporters tell their story

Click here to listen to Holly Hobbs, Himanshu Karvir, Amy Jackson, Sam Powers, Sara Pacifici and Anna Gettles tell their story of how they or their company is involved with United Way.




The School Supply Drive

We sent 1,101 students off to school with fully stocked backpacks! That's almost 400 more than we did last year - exceeding even our wildest dreams. Check out photos of all the people and companies that got behind this year's drive. This link will also tell you where the backpacks will be delivered and how to help. Our community rocks!



Two Next Steps

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