2016 Elections

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One important way you can advocate is by voting for candidates and issues you support.  While United Way’s efforts are strictly nonpartisan (not supporting candidates or political parties), we can provide important information to help prepare you to make your decisions. 

Here are some examples of what we provide:

  • Access to your sample ballot.  Did you know there are 28 different ballots this year in Buncombe County?   Did you know you can get yours today?
  • Dates, times and locations for Early Voting. 
  • Links to at least one candidates’ guide before you vote. 
  • Rules in place after many elements of the 2013 North Carolina Voting Law were overturned by the US Court Appeals Fourth Circuit.  Did you know that a photo ID is NOT needed to vote this year? 

All of this information is or will be on United Way’s Voter Page.  How can you know when this information will be there?  For the last three years, United Way has encouraged pledging to vote.  More than 400 people have pledged.  By signing up, you will have access to the latest information throughout this election season through one or more timely e-newsletters. 

Should you have questions or want to help, contact Ron Katz at ronkatz327@gmail.com.  


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