Anatomy of Campaign

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Campaign season is upon us once again. And with it, a whirlwind of events, socials, and informational meetings. We wanted to take a few lines to talk about the important players and the moving parts that make it all possible. 
As many of you know, this year’s kickoff was a huge success, tons of fun and built the momentum necessary to help us reach our goals. But as the name implies, this is just the beginning. All throughout Campaign, organizations and businesses find creative and fun ways of getting involved and making an impact to shape our community for the better. The organizations and businesses that took part in the kickoff event (check out the kickoff VIDEOS and PHOTOSare just one example. Another would be the folks from Asheville City and Buncombe County Public Service, who are hosting their 6th annual Chili Cook-Off (October, 18th). These types of events happen throughout the life-cycle of Campaign and provide the community with lively and enjoyable opportunities to make a difference.


Let’s dive into the anatomy of Campaign. First, let’s start with who:
  1. The workplace and individuals — Three hundred+ organizations and thousands of individuals make up a base of nearly 10,000 donors who make a significant impact every campaign — helping to improve the education, income and health of the Asheville community. We like to say that LIVE UNITED is more than just words. It’s a call to action and these companies, organizations and individuals step up, year-in and year-out.
  2. Campaign Associates — This year’s class of Associates are energetic and passionate about progressive change. They’re dedicated to issues like food security and reducing the impacts of poverty. We’re lucky to have both them and their sponsors. We couldn’t be more proud of the work they’re doing:
  • Judy Davis — Northwestern Mutual
  • Peg Ganger — Bank of America
  • Randee Goodstadt — AB Tech
  • Michelle Goyeau — Home Trust Bank and CarePartners Foundation
  • Joe Hoffman — UNC Asheville
  • Olivia Onderlinde — Asheville Savings Bank and Johnson Price Sprinkle
  • Savanna Poole — Allergy Partners and Carolina Alliance Bank
  • Josh Wells — Mills Manufacturing


The foundation of Campaign is COMMUNITY — how do we engage the COMMUNITY through the campaign process? There are multiple options for all to become involved and be the change we advocate. These engagement channels include:
  1. Workplace Campaign — Allows more than 45,000 people the opportunity to invest in the community through our Give/Advocate/Volunteer model. Employees value the convenience of payroll deduction, volunteer projects, community resources, or a chance to expand their leadership skills on a United Way committee/board. In addition, workplace campaigns foster team spirit and boost morale. The experience helps employees to gain and strengthen leadership, strategic planning, and other skills needed to increase productivity.
  2. Online Giving — The opportunity to support the community exists year round. Individuals who are not part of the traditional workplace structure, but fall into the category of a more modern day workforce, can choose to head over to our website and make an investment through the easy donate now button.
  3. Giving Societies and Affinity Groups — These groups and societies have a deep commitment to helping people. Commonly referred to as Leadership Giving, nearly 900 people invest $1000+ annually and join other like-minded individuals in fellowship and improving the community together. These Giving Societies and Affinity Groups include:
Regardless of how you choose to participate; through the workplace, direct mail or online we invite you to join. Leadership giving is a gift to our community that means so much to so many.


There’s something for everyone! LIVING UNITED means impact, long lasting change and most importantly, collective action. To all those choosing to become involved and shape the future of our community, we say THANK YOU! For those who have yet to make a commitment, we say, the options are endless — what are you waiting for? Together we WIN!

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