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While no one can predict the future challenges our communities will face, we do know that to confront them effectively our neighbors who are most impacted by poverty and injustice must be active participants in co-creating solutions to reach our shared Bold Community Goal.

What is this shared Bold Community Goal?

Formally adopted by a growing group of local organizations and institutions the Bold Community Goal serves as both a rallying cry and a measure of our commitment to local youth:

By 2035, all Asheville City and Buncombe County students graduate from high school ready and fully prepared to achieve their goals and dreams. 

We want to hear from you!

Meeting this goal is a community-led process that United Way is serving to support. But if we are to be successful, we need to continue to get clear on what matters to you and what success looks like to you. 

That's why, over the next few months, United Way will begin hosting a series of conversations led by community members. The purpose of these conversations is to listen to, learn from, and work with our community, building the necessary relationships that allow ALL voices to be heard.

Interested in learning more?

Learn more about United for Youth and its vision and the bold goal here. 

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About the Community Conversations Committee

The Community Conversations Committee includes a community-minded and diverse group of influencers, advocates, and residents who will help develop and lead a series of in-person and virtual conversations with the community this year.

Please join us in thanking them for helping plan these listening forums that will engage our community across Buncombe County identifying the relationships, resources, and repairs that are needed to achieve the bold community goal.

Committee Members Include:

Christine Avery, Matthew Bacoate, Khabonina Beresford, Cara Forbes, Niconda Garcia, Jennifer Griffin, Michael Hayes, Iliana Hernandez, Nicole Lee, Mitch Lubitz, Lavie Montgomery, Damion Smith, Bruce Waller, Tori White

Staff support: Kyle Garrett, Joseph Jamison, Tracey Johnston-Crum, Rs’i Peterson, Aisha Shepherd

About Community Engagement

Community Conversations is just one component of United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County's commitment to centering community wisdom and equity in our work and providing backbone support to the United for Youth Network

In March 2021, United Way welcomed Aisha Shepherd as the Vice President of Community Engagement. In this role, Aisha is creating a new department within the structure of our organization - one that is central to the operational shifts we intend to make as we begin our Next 100 years of impact right here in Asheville and Buncombe County.