Coordinators Rock: Ginny Spencer Eudy, Enka Middle School

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As part of Coordinators Appreciation Week (#CoordinatorsRock), we are highlighting our amazing Resource Coordinators who serve at four area middle schools: Asheville, Enka, Erwin and Owen. It is the job of each Resource Coordinator to foster and organize strong, impactful partnerships and ensure we are responding to the unique needs of their school and community.

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Ginny Spencer Eudy

Ginny is the Resource Coordinator at Enka Middle School. She spent last year as a Master's-level intern at the school, and she is now in her first year as the Resource Coordinator. We asked some of her colleagues to share with us what they appreciate about her:

"When we were looking for a new Resource Coordinator this summer, we knew we wanted someone caring, dedicated and FLEXIBLE, but still with the drive and passion to move us further along the path of becoming a true Community School. We got to know Ginny last year and she became familiar with our school and community. We are looking forward to great things to come. We very much appreciate Ginny for all she does for our students, our staff and our community." Leland Blankenship, Enka Middle School Principal

"I love working with Ginny because she is dedicated to our community and school. We appreciate our coordinator because she is hard-working and passionate! I couldn't imagine doing this job without her!" Molly Pitman, Enka Middle School Social Worker

"We appreciate our coordinator, Ginny, because she is cheerful, hardworking, fun and compassionate. She works well with others, actively listening in order to respond well to the needs of the community and to the needs of the volunteers she coordinates. Yay for Ginny!" Jean Jones, Community Volunteer

"One thing I love about Ginny is that she can take the ball and run with it... whenever we express a need, she happily takes on the task and addresses it in a timely manner." Kate Bradford, Enka Middle School Counselor

"Ginny rocks because she cares about our students and us as a staff! She is always respectful to our needs and our student needs!" Michelle Butler, Enka Middle School Counselor

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