Gearing up for a new school year

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If you have been on any of our social media pages lately you've seen a lot of buzz about our annual school supply drive. This event is a fun and rewarding project that aims to send 2,000 students back to school with full stocked backbacks this year alone. This event benefits students who will have the tools they need to succeed and provides financial respite to families and even their teachers. While this event is in its full frenzy, there are many other efforts underway that will set those same students, and their families, up for a successful year as well.

One such moment took place yesterday and we asked our vice president, Lance Edwards, to share a few words about it:

"For several hours yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in a planning retreat with leaders from both Asheville City Schools and Buncombe County Schools.

This team included 4 middle school Principals (Asheville, Enka, Erwin and Owen), their 4 Resource Coordinators (United Way staff who work full time in their schools), 3 district-level leaders, an Associate Superintendent and several other of my other United Way peers.

This all day planning session was held to prepare for the upcoming school year and the ongoing efforts to use comprehensive, best practice approaches to support successful students, strong families and engaged communities across Buncombe County.

Yesterday, the Principals and Resource Coordinators put plans in place to strengthen the many great things that are already happening in their schools and to build hubs of service for their entire school communities.

Witnessing the level of innovation, collaboration and passion from both school systems and the awesome Principals at Enka, Erwin,Owen and Asheville Middle Schools - all in service to the success of ALL students - was very powerful for me as a staff member involved in this work, but also as a resident of our community who is proud to see such dedication in action."

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