It's Hard to Sleep on a Cold Floor: Highlands Circle Annual Project

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by Liz Franks

The Highlands Circle 2015 Welcome Home Project is off to a great start! In March, we met at Sovereign Remedies and introduced the project over local beers and craft cocktails. We discussed how we will help one family in Buncombe County transition from homeless to permanent housing by collecting items that the family will need. This list ranges from small, inexpensive items like toothpaste and paper towels to larger items like a dining table and chairs, a sofa, and a full-size bed or futon (including a frame).  A list of the items is available online.

There are several ways to get involved. It's as easy as ordering an item from the checklist online (and if you order from Amazon, start at AmazonSmile to support United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County even more) or picking up an item next time you go shopping. If you are spring cleaning and would like to donate large furniture, we will come and pick it up for free! Just remember to update the online checklist after you purchase or donate an item.

Several people have already stepped up and donated items—thanks to Elisa Jacobs, Brittany Bell and Amanda Berk for providing cups, bowls, plates, silverware and much much more, and thanks to Kris Dionne for donating a microwave!

This project is a great example of how small steps collectively add up to make a big difference, so please tell your friends, neighbors and colleagues about the project. The sooner we collect all of the items on the checklist, the sooner that we will help one local family truly feel at home.

If you have questions or need to coordinate furniture donation, Kris Dionne is available to help. Let's LIVE UNITED!

Liz moved to Asheville from Cincinnati in 2008 and practices civil law. In addition to volunteering with Homeward Bound and WCQS, she recently ran her first half-marathon and is looking forward to running more of them. She serves on Highlands Circle's Executive Committee.

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