Three cheers for financial literacy!

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At Enka Middle School, we had a highly engaged group of parents attend the family night. Focusing on finances, parents learned how to create monthly budgets for their families to help them keep better track of their finances and stretch their dollars each month.

One of the presenters was Esteve Coll-Larrosa, from Self-Help Credit Union in Asheville.

“A budget is an important tool to facilitate savings and to be able to do more with what we already have. It puts us in better control of our life and gives us peace of mind,” said Coll-Larrosa. “Events like these are important and relevant for several reasons. It is a great way to present to the community resources they didn’t know they had available and it creates synergy among participating organizations. The more we do this the more barriers we’ll help break.”

A special thanks to our presenters, Anna-Marie Smith from OnTrack WNC, who gave a presentation in English, and Esteve Coll-Larrosa from Self-Help Credit Union, who gave a presentation in Spanish.

Since 2012, United Way has worked in partnership with Enka Middle School and YMCA’s 21st Century program and a host of other nonprofits, to create a community support network for students and families in the Enka-Candler Community. Since fall of 2015, Kyle Garrett, a United Way employee, began working at the school fulltime. His sole responsibility is to build community involvement and support for the students, family and faculty at Enka Middle. As a result of this partnership, students now have a variety of out of school options including student clubs for writing, knitting, yoga and healthy cooking. We also coordinate classes that parents and community members can take at the school, in their own neighborhood. Follow our journey here



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