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Ashley Ensley is an Audit Senior Manager at Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP. She's also a member of Women's Leadership Council, a network of passionate and influential women focused on supporting the Middle School Success initiative. We get to know her a little better in this month's WLC Spotlight.

Ashley Ensley Dixon Hughes Goodman Asheville North CarolinaWhy do you volunteer and give to United Way?
Because I see the difference that the UW makes on my community. After having two children of my own (ages five and three), I’ve become much more compassionate towards the needs of other kids. United Ways's Back to School Supply Drive and Middle School Success are just two of the initiatives that I see making a direct impact on children in Buncombe County.

What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?
My husband had a pretty intense cancer battle a little over a year ago. During that time, my co-workers, friends, and family were more supportive than I ever imagined. I recall a day when a Partner in our firm walked up to me and ask if it would help if he came over and mowed our lawn because Kevin wasn’t able to do so. Such a small gesture from a person I highly respect will never be forgotten.

What makes someone a hero?
There are so many different things that I think makes somebody a hero. In my eyes, many of my heroes are those individuals who are able to balance a successful career and have a fulfilled personal life.

What activities make you lose track of time?
Pinterest. I love looking at all of the DIY projects and recipes. While I admit I pin an insane amount of stuff I will likely never get to, I’ve also had a lot of success with some recipes. When I have free time, I always love a home DIY project—but my husband says he ends up finishing them…which is true!

What is the best advice you can offer to young women and young men as they start their careers?
This advice was given to me early in my career so I can’t take credit for it, but I still think about it often: "Whatever you are doing, do it to your best ability." Whether it be the smallest task or a huge project, do it at 100% and you’ll always be proud of what you have done and know that you’ve given it your all. That way you’ll have no regrets or wonder if you could have done better.

Each month, we shine a spotlight on a member of Women's Leadership Council. If you are interested in being highlighted, please contact Elizabeth.Allen@UnitedWayABC.org or call (828) 239-1048.

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