Advocacy Alert: Affordable Housing

Submitted by Elisabeth on Wed, 08/02/2017 - 9:28am

From our advocacy partners at The Success Equation:

You know that when our children have a safe place to call home it supports their health and educational success. Last November, an overwhelming majority of Asheville voters joined us in passing the Housing Bond to provide significant funding to increase a variety of housing options for families and individuals.


Will you help shape the future of housing affordability in Asheville by attending a public input meeting on the bond?

Come To The Public Input Meeting

The event will be held next Tuesday, August 8, 6-7:30 PM, at the Dr. Wesley Grant Southside Center (285 Livingston Street Asheville, NC, 28801). City staff will present recommendations on spending $10 million of bond funding and take input from the public.

Read the Recommendations

The bulk of housing bond funds will support the City's Housing Trust Fund program - a great resource to help finance/leverage private housing development. You can read some of the City's recommendations for using the housing bond funds by clicking here.

Sample Talking Points

As the City continues to refine the Housing Trust Fund and allocate bond funds to meet local needs, we offer the following principles (feel free to use these as talking points at the meeting):

  • Long-term affordability of bond funded housing (minimum 20 years)
  • Promote both rental and homeownership opportunities with funding
  • Create units that are "deeply affordable" for families that have few options based on their income
  • In accordance with the City's 2036 Vision statement on diversity, the City should gather and share data around how the housing bond forwards the city’s strategic goals on racial equity in housing and economic mobility.