Points of Light Foundation: Youth Nominations

Submitted by Elisabeth on Mon, 09/25/2017 - 9:55am

An opportunity to celebrate youth leadership from the Points of Light Foundation:

Points of Light is the largest non-profit in the world dedicated to volunteer service: www.pointsoflight.org.  Our youth division, generationOn, has an opportunity that we would like to share with you in hopes that you can nominate some worthy young leaders from your community.  

We are writing to see if you might help us identify a young person (s) between the ages of 5-17,  who is doing good things!  For a third year, we are partnering with a national company that is looking to recognize amazing young people serving in their communities. The youth selected will be in a special video and receive a great award. 

If you want to nominate one or more youth, click here

This form takes just a minute to fill out.  

We would like nominations in by NoonTuesday, September 26th; but if you need an extension contact Della Jones Djonesfried@pointsoflight.org